Zarathustra turntable and Vinyl collection for sale

Posted by SoundcraftHiFi.

Zarathustra turntable for sale

We have a Zarathustra turntable for sale in excellent condition with the Zeta tonearm and a KOETSU MC Cartridge Urushi Wajima.

We can supply pictures of the turntable and even arrange a demonstration if required.

it is particularly difficult to know how much this is worth but we have seem them sell for between 3,000 and 9,000 but the customer will take serious offers on board. Considering this turntable sounds nearly as good as fully reference Linn LP12 it will offer a great performance.

This turntable has been used sparingly and his Vinyl collection can also vouch for that as most of the mobile fidelity recordings he owns have only been played between 2 and 4 times.

Please contact us for more information through here, our website or indeed by phone on 01233 624441

kind regards,